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We believe in your success and that 8G Capital can help you achieve the best results for your business, regardless of your field or target market.

Financial consulting

With 8G Capital, businesses can gain a truly competitive edge in their day-to-day operations. Our financial consulting services focus on offering our clients the technologies, tools and strategies they need to shift lead the marketplace. Our consultants will help you move into new markets, save money and make processes all the more effective and efficient.


Professional consultants

All of our consultants have specialist experience in the field.


In-house tools available

All of our consulting packages come with our in-house tools.


Consultations made

Last year, our team was able to help over 100 clients.

Citizenship & Residency

8G Capital offers investment migration services that enable individuals to obtain second citizenship or residency in countries around the world. With a team of experienced professionals, they guide clients through the entire process, from initial consultation to application submission and approval. Their services include comprehensive assistance in selecting the most suitable investment options and navigating the complex legal and regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction. Whether it's obtaining citizenship by investment or residency through real estate investment, 8G Capital provides tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs and goals of their clients. With their expertise and network of global partners, they ensure a smooth and efficient experience for those seeking investment migration opportunities.



All of our immigration consultants are trained and experience.


Clients Served

We've worked with clients from all walks of life, from tech to agriculture.


Ongoing projects

We keep in touch with our clients and offer ongoing support.

Company Formation

8G Capital offers comprehensive company formation services in the United States and Canada. With their expertise and knowledge in the field, they assist individuals and businesses in establishing their companies in these countries. 8G Capital provides guidance throughout the entire process, from selecting the appropriate legal structure to handling the necessary paperwork and filings. They ensure that all requirements are met and offer support in navigating the complex regulations and procedures. By utilizing 8G Capital's company formation services, clients can confidently start their businesses in the US and Canada, knowing that they have a reliable partner to guide them every step of the way.


Formation Agents

Our in-house formation agents have a hands-on approach to incorporation.


Companies form

Last year, we were able to form nearly 50 companies.


Dollars saved till date

Our consultants were able to save our clients $100k till now.

Fund Formation


Fund Consultants

Our consultants have an extensive background in hedge funds.


Hedge Funds Create

From entity formation to marketing materials and beyond.


Ongoing projects

Markets change, but our team stands by your side when you need us.

8G Capital offers a comprehensive hedge fund formation service to assist clients in establishing their own hedge funds. With their expertise in fund structuring, regulatory compliance, and operational support, they guide clients through the entire process. From developing a business plan to obtaining necessary licenses, 8G Capital ensures a smooth and efficient launch of the hedge fund. They provide guidance on fund structure, investment strategies, and risk management, tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client. By leveraging their extensive industry knowledge and network, 8G Capital helps clients navigate the complexities of the hedge fund industry and position themselves for success. With their professional guidance and support, clients can confidently embark on their hedge fund journey.

We’ve helped them

We've partnered with many household brand names to deliver insights and solutions to their problems with big data.

Happy clients

Don't just take our word for it – our clients frequently stay in touch with us and work with us on future projects that require big data insights.

Max Hemmings

I work in stock trading, meaning that I often need to worry about tax planning. 8G Capital's consultants helped us see the big picture with their expertise and got me Saint Kitts citizenship.

Mary Young

As a crypto fund manager, it's sometimes had to understand which jurisdiction work best for our needs. 8G Capital's analysis helped us identify where we could be served best and which structure worked the best for us in the long term. We incorporated in Delaware.

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